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Why does the herbal extraction process matter?


The extraction process itself will determine if the end product is useful and effective.


Many oil and butter-based herbal skin and hair care products utilize a method called "solar infusion" to extract plant constituents into a fat. While this remains a time-tested, reliable way to extract beneficial properties from plants, we chose a different path. 

Solar infusions sit in the sun for 4-6 weeks, as the name implies. Most oils will degrade when exposed to light for this length of time. We also know that solubility of plant constituents is of upmost importance. Extracting into oils is actually not the most suitable way to harness our plant allies' power. 



What does Kieta Botanicals do? 

Taking learnings from formal herbalism education, we use a dual extraction process, beginning with whole plant material, that allows herbs to be fully rendered, giving us more potent oils that are deeply-colored. Due to our oils containing both fat-soluble and alcohol-soluble extracts, it can be considered more effective than a typical solar infusion.


This process is also more sustainable, needing less herbs per batch than a solar infusion, but yielding higher potency. Yes, it takes more manual effort, but the end product is incredible.

Enjoy the benefits of herbalism-inspired product formulation in both The BALM and The DEW.

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Same herbal blend: solar infusion vs our extraction process

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Before blending


Straining herbal blend

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