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Skincare should be fun and interactive, not a race for perfection.


Introducing INTERACTIVE, where we offer a very limited number of experimental formulations. Formula creation is our first love and we hate being stuck in a box, so this is our opportunity to explore and share new things with you.

It goes both ways - Kieta Botanicals will create to our heart's desire and list extras for sale, but we're also open to creating custom batches for you. There's a form below if you have an idea you want to share.


After you've used one of our microbatch experimental formulas for 30-45 days, you'll be invited to provide in-depth feedback in exchange for a discount on future permanent collection products.

SERUM 1B is our first launch, available now. 

Tell me what you want...
Is this for face, hair, or body?
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Thanks! Keep your eyes peeled for your formulation in INTERACTIVE.

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