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Because transparency is important to us.

The environment matters.

No wasteful and flashy packaging here - just what we need to get The Botanical Dew and The Botanical Balm to you safely.

Our accompanying cards are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.


The paper labels are affixed to the bottles, rather than printed on, so you may reuse the UV-blocking jar for your own homemade products. 

Our shipment packaging is made from 100% recycled materials - yes, even the inside protective layer that keeps your Botanical Dew and Balm safe and sound until arrival.

We're plastic-free!


You're a person, not a piggybank.

We price to serve you and stay afloat, not to solely profit.

The products you'll soon love are packaged in the highest quality, UV-blocking, and airtight glass jars. The ingredients sourced and blended are organically grown and harvested when available, and are the most effective ones for both skin and hair that we've experienced after years of formulating our own homemade products. There are no filler ingredients to cheapen our costs. Both products are potent.

The Botanical Dew and The Botanical Balm are products we personally use and love.

Best of all, you'll enjoy much more product versus the standard 30 mL /1 fl oz offering. 

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