True botanical synergies.  


Rejuvenate your skin and hair with powerful and all-natural active ingredients, just as nature intended.

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The Botanical Dew


    We believe less can be more. We believe in a simplified and accessible beauty routine. That's why we've formulated a multi-use self-care product for almost any skin type AND any hair type.


    Experience the benefits of a full and lengthy beauty routine, but with only 1 product and a fraction of the time.  This product can replace your toner, face serum, eye serum, hair serum, and scalp serum. 

    The Botanical Dew is a lightweight emulsion of only 8 active botanical ingredients - 2 hydrosols, 5 oils, and 1 floral extract. 


    Our truly multipurpose emulsion is:

    • rich in fatty acids

    • rich in natural squalene

    • rich in antioxidants

    • healing and calming

    • low in oleic acid

    • lightweight and powerful

    • made with non-comedogenic oils



    A very light and absorbent plant oil and hydrosol emulsion.



    Muted indigo with undertones of slate green. No added dyes or coloring.



    Sultry, grounding, slightly spiced, and 'green', but dissipates quickly as it soaks in. No added fragrance.