True botanical synergies.  


Rejuvenate your skin and hair with powerful and all-natural active ingredients, just as nature intended.

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Meet your dream self-care duo.


Both products are formulated to work together to meet your skin, hair, and body care needs. Both are suited for use with any skin and hair type. Yes, Really. 

THE BOTANICAL DEW is a lightweight oil-in-water emulsion that can replace your toner, face serum, eye serum, hair serum, and scalp serum. THE BOTANICAL BALM is a silky, fast-absorbing anhydrous formulation, that can replace your oil cleanser, face serums, body moisturizers, and hair oils/butters. 

Each of our truly multipurpose blends are:

  • rich in fatty acids

  • rich in natural squalene

  • rich in antioxidants

  • healing and calming

  • low in oleic acid

  • lightweight and powerful

  • made with only non-comedogenic oils and butter

Due to the blend of effective and calming ingredients, both The Botanical Dew and The Botanical Balm are suited for:

  • sensitive skin

  • acne-prone skin

  • mature skin

  • dry skin

  • oily/dry/combination skin

  • problem-free skin

  • dull skin

  • dry scalp

  • itchy scalp

  • dry, damaged hair

  • hair prone to shedding

  • healthy hair

  • healthy scalp

  • straight hair

  • curly hair

  • thin hair

  • thick hair

Short list of ingredients, long list of purposes.

Kieta Botanicals believes that what is in our product is just as important as what isn't. Please see our Ingredients page to learn more. 


Please contact us directly at to see if The Botanical Dew and/or The Botanical Balm are suited for you. Skin and hair care are incredibly personal, so if you find these are not the products for you, we will help you find other brands and products that may work better for you. No catches, no charges, no gimmicks, and no affiliate revenue for us whatsoever. We just want you to be happy in the skin you're in.